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Use This Facebook™ Ads Program To Train PHENOMENAL 7-Figure Media Buyers For Your eCom Team...It's Only $197 $97!!

Stop running your own ads & train bad*ss media buyers with my 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy.

I run 7 million dollar eCom brands...

And I spend less than 7 minutes per day in the ads manager.

But trust wasn't always like that.

In fact, just a few short years back, I would do it all myself.

I was the true "solopreneur"

I would run all the ads for my multiple eCom stores...

I would write all the copy...

I would do all the little tweaks and optimizations for my campaigns...

"Why would I hire an employee to do this if I can just do it myself?" I thought.

I'm not the type of person to ask for help or hire employees, so I'll just do it myself!

I can always work harder anyways...right?

Yep...that's me after spending 12+ hours/day managing my own ads

I was working myself to death.

My eyes were bloodshot every day from staring at my ads for hours on end.

My brain was fried.

I hated my life.

By the time I finished up the media buying, I had no time to actually BUILD my business!

But beyond my physical exhaustion, I actually had a bigger problem...

Sure, my health was suffering...but there was something looming inside my business that made my stomach churn...

Then I finally realized...

"If I ever stop working, my business WILL die."

My business was 100% dependent on me working at least 12 hours a day.

Even if I took ONE SINGLE DAY off from ads would go to sh*t.

Maybe you can relate?

  • Working 10, 12, 18 hour days just to keep things from falling apart...
  • Not time to enjoy life outside of work because your ads take up most of your time...
  • ​Even if you're ready to hire a media would you train them?

I knew what I had to do.

I had to train a media buyer.

I knew no idea how. Who can I even trust with my ads?

After all...

"Facebook ads are the lifeline to my business...anyone who isn't good at running ads will f*ck up my whole business!"

Facebook ads were how I fed my family.

It's what pays for my three-year-old son's education.

It's what pays for my house.

Not running profitable ads is a much BIGGER deal than I could ever explain in words.

I had to learn how to train LETHAL media buyers to take over my 8 fig eCom empire.

I needed to train someone who is...

  • Able to constantly optimize & manage my ads (across multiple eCom stores)
  • Able to launch and test new campaigns, angles, creatives, etc.
  • ​Dedicated, hyper-attentive, and performance driven

I don't run my own Facebook ads.

And honestly...neither should you.

Listen closely...

If you're spending more than 7 minutes per day in your ads manager...

You're throwing $$$ down the drain.

Let me explain.

As an entrepreneur,  you need to maximize the time you spend on "business building activities."

Some of these activities may include:

  • Hiring a project manager to offload your daily tasks and automate your eCom store
  • Managing your team to perform like a well oiled machine
  • ​Generating new revenue streams & growing your top line

Notice how media buying is NOT on that list?

INTRODUCING the 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy:

steal the exact trainings I used to build a team of high-performing 7 figure media buyers

No hype, no theory. Just actionable step-by-step processes to spend $10k+/day on FB ads profitably after IOS 14.

This is *literally* the exact resource that I gave to my now 7 figure media buyers. As a team, they spend $100,000+ per day (profitably) across over 50 accounts in different niches.

They are the foundation of my 9 figure eCom empire I've built over the past five years.

Whether you're looking to train your first media buyer or your 30th...this is the best possible training on the market from someone who's "been there, done that."

The 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy isn't based on theory or speculation. It's based on:

  • Over $50 million in profitable adspend
  • ​9 Figures worth of eCommerce revenue
  • Countless split tests from my team & me

" My media buyer used your trick inside a campaign that was trending out of KPIs and boom 7 ROAS campaign wide today."

- Bilel Rais

7 figure eCom entrepreneur
0-$1.4 million in sales with Facebook ads in 4 months

Be the first to learn how my media buyers and I spend $100,000/day PROFITABLY

Over the last year alone we have spent over $30,000,000+ testing Facebook ads strategies...

Looking back, we’ve made so many mistakes.

We have tested things we shouldn’t have, we have waited for too long for campaigns and ad sets to “optimize”, we have tried to scale unscalable campaigns.

The good thing about it? You don’t have to do all Fb ads mistakes because we’ve done them for you!

How much it will cost you?

Well let me give you an idea...

  • My clients pay me $20,000+ per month to strategize and scale their Facebook ads campaigns.
  • My consulting clients pay $30,000+ per year to get access to my best performing frameworks and strategies.
  • My hourly consulting rate is $3,295 and you would have to wait for 2 weeks for your spot.

With that said...

As part of a special limited-time offer...

On this page only, you can get the 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy for a single payment of $97.

So Why Only $97?

CONFESSION: I have a very selfish agenda.

I know you will love these strategies and once you will apply them.

There's a reason why I have the most amount of testimonials in the industry.

These strategies just work. Plain and simple.

If you apply them you will get amazing results.


Once you have amazing results and make LOTS of $$$, you will want to buy my other services and consulting to get it to the next level.

That is my motivation.

I love helping entrepreneurs more personally with my other programs and consulting...but unless you have the foundation and start getting some initial results with the 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy, then we'll never work together down the line.

So that's why the 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy is only $97.

And I can assure you...

This $97 program will be the best investment ever made in the history of your business.

(IF you apply it.)


Learn how to improve your tracking & attribution after the IOS 14 update and make great ad buying decisions post IOS 14.

"Started right away and just did almost 200 orders in Germany today...#100kDaysToCome!!!

- Wouter Akika

7 figure eCom entrepreneur
From 100k/mo to over $1m/month with Facebook ads in 3 months

Here's What You'll Learn Inside

PART 1: 7-Figure Media Buyer In The Making

  • Lesson 1. Foundations – How to Find a Perfect Media Buyer for Yourself (I use this method to hire MY media buyers)
  • Lesson 2. Day 1 - Facebook Ads Manager – Get to Know the Layout and ALL the Nitty-Gritty Details about WHAT is Fb Ads 
  • Lesson3. Day 2 - Interest Testing – 3 Best Strategies to Utilize for Interest Targeting (Follow Them Click-By-Click)
  • ​Lesson4 Part1. Day 3 – FULL Ads Creation Setup – How to Make ads that SELL
  • ​Lesson4 Part 2. Day 4 – FULL Ads Creation Setup – Make Ads that SELL by Yourself
  • ​Lesson 5 Part 1. Day 5 – Expert LLA Creation Framework – What LLAs to Use and HOW to Make them
  • ​Lesson 5 Part 2. Day 6 – Expert LLA Utilization Framework – How to Structure Campaigns Built from LLA audiences
  • ​Lesson 6. Day 7 – The Ultimate RETARGETING Formula – Make a 5+ ROAS Retargeting campaign
  • ​Lesson 7. Day 8 – The CBO Blueprint Short Version – Have My Ultimate CBO Blueprint Explained in 25 minutes!
  • ​Lesson 8. Day 9 – Optimization and Scaling – You ALREADY Have GREAT Results by now! Start SCALING!

PART 2: Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift Paradigm

  • Lesson 9. My Story – How a Ukrainian Freelancer Became a 9-Figure Businessman
  • Lesson 10. –Facing the Ultimate Enemy – I’ll Let You Know that ONE THING that Prevents YOU from Growing YOUR Business
  • Lesson11.–Seeing the FULL Picture – eCom Is NOT JUST Facebook Ads! I’ll Tell You What Else to Leverage
  • Lesson12. – Entrepreneurial Health Hacks – How I Work; How I Sleep; How I THINK – DON’T Underestimate THIS Lesson
  • ​Lesson13. – Building With The ENDING In Mind – How to Create -> Scale -> SELL Your Business and be Settled FOR LIFE
  • ​Lesson14. – Radical Openmindness – My Thinking Process Disclosed IN DETAIL
  • ​Lesson15. – Exploiting the WOP – What Is Window of Opportunity and How NOT TO Miss It
  • ​Lesson16. – Business vs. Gig – How to Make a Shift from an Unsustainable Dropshipping Store to a BRAND
  • ​Lesson17.– The Truth About Scale – How to Get from 0 to 6 Figures; from 6 to 7 Figures; from 7 to 8…And Up…Up…Up
  • ​Lesson18. – Profit-Hyper Optimization Framework – The Framework that Made Me Millions!

PART 3: Facebook Troubleshooting Guide

  • Lesson 19. – Have Your BM and Ads Account SAFE (OR have your blocked account UNBLOCKED)
  • Lesson 20. –Sourcing Pages with NO Feedback Score (No Feedback Score – No Issues With It)
  • Lesson 21.–Planning Cashflow – How to Spends on Ads Consistently without ANY Breaks
  • ​Lesson 22. – Getting Extra Suppliers – Make Sure You Have NO Issues with Inventory
  • ​Lesson 23. – Sourcing UGC – Where from to Get User-Generated Content and HOW to Use It

[BONUS] PART 4: Choose YOUR Online Sales Funnel

  • Lesson 24. – Standard eCom Sales Funnel (Front-End Profit)
  • Lesson 25. –Free+Shipping (Invest to Grow Fast)
  • Lesson 26.–Subscription (Build a SUSTAINABLE Revenue Stream)
  • ​Lesson 27. – Automated Webinar (Don’t Deal with Shipping/Inventory/Suppliers)
  • ​Lesson 28. – High-End Product Sale (Blow Your Margins to the Skies)


Learn the BEST types of eCom funnel structures to use for maximum ROAS on your ads (standard eCom funnel, F+S offer, subscription model, etc). Just copy & paste these templates & see results.

What My Students Say

Warning...there's a lot of em'

here's exactly what you get when you claim the 7 figure media buyer academy for just $97

  • The evergreen 7 Figure Media Buyer academy video trainings
  • A deep analysis of many 6 and 7 figure ad accounts
  • Countless hacks & tactics to improve your Facebook ad performance and lower your CPA
  • ​My Ultimate Retargeting formula that consistently gets me a 3-5x ROAS
  • ​[BONUS] The top eCom funnels & how to turn them for maximum profit


Will this work for low budgets?
Yes, we have specific strategies for low budgets on Facebook. Testing, optimizing and scaling as long as you can spend $100 per day on ads are covered.
Does these strategies work even after the IOS 14 update?
Yes, we made countless tests and made sure our strategies work post IOS 14 update.
Will this work for high budgets?
It definitely will. We spend $100,000+ a month on Facebook ads PER account (exact account is shown in the training).
Do I need to be advanced FB advertiser to benefit from it?
You need to be intermediate - advanced FB advertiser to take full advantage of this training. Basically if you’ve setup FB ad campaign before and spent over $1000 on ads you will be able to take a full advantage of it.
Will this work for any niche/ industry on Facebook?
Most of our accounts are eCom / Dropshippping related but you can apply the same frameworks for any other type of business (lead gen, small business, agency clients..)


The information for this training has been gathered from years worth of experiments with Facebook ads and millions of dollars in adspend in our own ad accounts and clients’ ad accounts. Some sensitive details are revealed that you can’t get anywhere else and it’s our intellectual property.

For reasons above, there will BE NO REFUNDS granted for buyers of this training.

Once you have acquired the knowledge and strategies they can’t be returned.

Please do not purchase this training if you don’t agree with this policy.

If you have any other questions, address them to

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