"This mastermind is creating ecom millionaires out of thin air!"

Alex Fedotoff's "Elite Mastermind" Has Produced Dozens Of Millionaires Under 30-Years-Old...Here's How You Could Be Next

To: (Future) Ecom Millionaire
From: Alex Fedotoff
Miami, FL
I have a confession...

Over the past 12 months I've reviwed over 1,000 applications for my Elite Mastermind for ecom entrepreneurs.

And out of those 1,000 applications...

I accepted 50 of them.

That's a 5% acceptance rate.

Why am I so selective on who I accept into this mastermind?


I'm building this mastermind to be the BEST ecom mastermind in existence.

I don't want to accept just anyone.

Because I don't want to dilute the quality of this amazing community.

So what determines who I accept vs who I reject?

Here's what I look for:

  • I only accept the people who are bound to improve the quality of the mastermind...
  • I only accept "givers" not "takers"...
  • ​I only accept entrepreneurs doing at least $100k/mo in revenue...
So if those three things describe you, the click the button below and apply for the best mastermind on the planet.

"Started right away and just did almost 200 orders in Germany today...#100kDaysToCome!!!

- Wouter Akika

7 figure eCom entrepreneur
From 100k/mo to over $1m/month with Facebook ads in 3 months

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