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Benjamin H. - for 3 years in eCom business and for 1,5 years in the ESS program. Found very helpful the database that is in the program where he can find an answer and don't have to lose his time to searching the answer in 1000 of different sources. Also, he very appreciates the direct answers he can get from Alex and the weekly Q&A calls are very valuable for him. 

Brandon B. - before he joined the ESS program his main source of learning were the YouTube videos, but when he tried to create his business based on this knowledge he failed. After he joined to ESS program he was impressed that he can get an answer to any question here. Everything is very well organized. He started to have his first success and he believes that with ESS if you put the work in you will succeed. 

Nikola B. - before ESS his main issue was to select the right products and make them profitable. In the ESS program, he got the information on how to select the right product and how to launch it. Now he is on $5k-$10k profit every month, which he considers is a good return of investment in the program. For him is also very valuable the data that is in the course and Alex's couches that helped him every time he had a question

Robert R. - before joining the ESS program he was trying to scale an eCom brand but it was unsuccessful. he found a good product after that but his issue was of not knowing how to scale this product fast. This was one of the biggest reasons he joined the ESS program. When joined the program he was amazed how easily and fast can be scaled a profitable product. The first month he joined the program he made $46k in revenue and in the second month, he made $129k in revenue. Most of that was because of what he learned from Alex on how to scale quickly. Where none of the other programs he joined before helped him with that. 

Akinyemi O. - in the ESS program he really appreciates the strategy and the guidance that is very helpful to scale a business beyond 6 figures. With his partner, he already made 6 figures on a different platform with completely different strategies, but their main issue was that they were not able to scale to the next level. With Alex's help, they already started to scale their business. Which is easier for them with all the data and help that is included in the program.

Sergio A. - he joined the program one year ago and he is glad he did that. He joined before in many other groups and programs, but there always was the same, where the mentor gives the case study add you to the group and no help from him after that. He very appreciates that Alex is always present, very responsive, he cares and does whatever he can to make you successful. He shares lots of tools and resources. Also, there are weekly Q&A calls which is very valuable for him. As the couches that are in the program and ready to help with any problem he has.

Tien P. - he joined the program 5 months ago, at the moment he is ready to start with his second dropshipping store. Alex helped him to realize the power of funnels and landing pages. Before that, he thought the Facebook marketing and strategy is the most important thing. Where from the program he learned that a proper funnel and a proper background with a good Facebook ads strategy is the way to success. With all the help and data from the program, he was able to scale to almost $1 mln.

Matt - the owner of the eCommerce company that sells all sorts of merchandise. He spends about $150k per month on Facebook. He starts working with Alex, where Alex delivered him an ROI as he never had before. For him is very valuable the knowledge Alex has about Facebook ads strategies, and that he is available and super professional. And the most important, that he delivers results all the time. 

Karl B. - when he started working with Alex he made about $1k/day. After 2 weeks he joined the program he scaled his business to $7k/day. Alex helped with issues caused by coronavirus. Where he also got some contacts and resources that are very valuable for him and changed his business massively. 

Loc H. - in the ESS program for 6 months. Before joining the program he bought many other courses and was testing many other strategies but nothing worked. After a call with Alex, he joined the program and the difference he saw was absolutely incredible. The availability of Alex and the experience and knowledge he shares is very valuable for him. Also, the community of entrepreneurs that is in the program is priceless. He considers this is the best Mentorship program available. 

Mark S. - joined the program 8 months ago and it was pretty game-changing for him. Before joining the program he had a general understanding of Facebook ads. After joining the program and jumping on the weekly calls, and watching all Alex's training, he started to understand how the Facebook machine works. This helped him to improve his knowledge and scale his business. 

Adrien B. - joined Alex's program a few months ago. His previous experience with eCom was not profitable for him. Now he is doing 6 figures a month. The most valuable for him are the resources he gets in the program. All the updates that are in the eCom business during the time. The Facebook group is one of the most valuable Facebook groups he joined, because of the help and experience other students are share. 

Ryan Y. - before he joined the program he had wrong thoughts on how the dropshipping business looks like. In the program, he learned how to build his store on Shopify, how to drive traffic with Facebook ads, and scale his business. Now he has $100k/month in revenue

Janek J. - before joining the program he already had success with his eCom business. He scaled it to 7 figures. But his main problem was that he did all the work himself. With Alex, he learned to treat the dropshipping as a real business. He is in the program for 6 months and he hired already 6 people full time. This allows him to focus on the most important things in his business. 

Emmanuel E. - before joining the program his main issue was to scale profitably his business. The month before he did about $7k in revenue. In the program, he learned that profitability is about anything, and after making the changes he increased his AOV and in the next month, he already had $10k in revenue. a

Jake - started his first dropshipping business 6 months ago and the first attempts failed. Before joining the program he had a lot of questions about Facebook ads. He joined Alex's program and one of the best things for him is the weekly Q&A calls where he can show his ads to Alex and get some tips and tricks. Now he is doing over 6 figures a month.

Private student - joined the program one month ago with 7 years of experience in marketing. Has run a few stores that generated a few mln dollars a year, but he was not able to make the max profits from a store and run ads on different platforms. The weekly Q&A calls and the connections Alex share are very valuable for him. 

Student Interviews

In this video I interview Bilel, one of my students. He made $800k in 3 months, and a little bit later he passed $1mln in sales with this store. 

In this extremely valuable interview he shares his whole journey, his strategies, his failures, and his lessons.

What's more impressive is that he's dropshipping from Tunisia in the US.

In this video I interview Buzz, one of my students. He made $730k in 3 months.

In this interview Buzz deconstruct his path from $0 to $730K. Here are a few points we will discuss here:
- Mistakes and pitfalls
- Patience and money you need
- Discover your unique product
What's more impressive is that Buzz was 19 year old at that time. 

In this video I interview Dimitry, one of my students. He scaled from $0 with his BANNED Facebook Ads account to $20,379/day just in 1 week! 

Dimitry kindly agreed to share some additional insights on:
- Dealing with a banned account
- Running multilayer CBO campaigns
- Implementing and scaling up with funnel strategy
- Tools he succeeded with

James has scaled his eCom store FROM random sales to $100,000/ month in sales in 92 days

Benjamin from Austria increased his eCom store profits from 6,000 euros per month to 16,000 euros per month in 60 days  

Ricardo has increasing his sales by 62% in 30 days!

Shaun has doubled his business in 30 days

Ali gets 4X return from ad spend

Ali gets 4X return from ad spend

Adrian goes from $20K to $100K per month in sales in 3 months

The Mentorship is Very Valuable

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